Here’s the latest additions to the collection:

Avro 618 ‘Ten’ in 1/72 by Valom

Dassault Mirage III V0-1 in 1/72 by Modelsvit

DeHavailland Canada DHC-8-100 in 1/72 by Hobbycraft

Douglas DC-9-100 in 1/72 by Aurora

The latest addition to The Wayne Gallery is:

Messerchmitt Bf109G-14 in 1/32 by Hasegawa

The revisions to the Workbench Notes are:

DeHavilland Canada DHC-8-100 in 1/72 by Hobbycraft

Douglas DC-9-10 in 1/72 by Aurora


Additions to the Aviation History shelves of the Reading Room are:

Entertaining Duty – A short history of Brigadier Martyn’s Air Force

The Beginnings of Aviation in Western Australia, by Jim Grant

Flight in Australia Volume 3 – Flight into Turbulence 1972-2001 (text only version)

The Organization of Victory – The Organization of the Royal Australian Air Force during the Pacific War

A Summary Thematic History in Western Australia between the World Wars