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A Airbus A320 ( Ansett VH HYN 19890) Revell 144 The Little Aviation Museum

Airbus A.320 family in the Australian region

Airbus A.320, Ansett, VH-HYN, 1989 Airbus A.320 - Kiwi International, S7-RGX, 1995   Airbus A.320 - Ansett Australia, VH-HYN, 1997...
English Electric P1A Aeroclub 72 The Little Aircraft Museum A

BAC Lightnings

English Electric first P.1A, first prototype, WG760, c.1955   BAC Lightning F.1,  XM137, Air Fighting Development Squadron, 1961 BAC LIghtning...
B Boeing 727 100 (Ansett ANA) Airfix 144 The Little Aviation Museum

Boeing 727s in Australia

Boeing 727-100, Ansett-ANA, VH-RME, 1964 Boeing 727-100, Trans Australia Airlines, VH-TJC, 1966   Boeing 727-100, Trans Australia Airlines, VH-TJC, 1970s...
B Curtiss P 40B Tomahawk 349 (Belgian) Squadron, RAF, Nigeria Trumpeter 72 The Little Aviation Museum

Curtiss P-40 fighters

The Curtiss P-40 fighter was one of the most important fighter aircraft of World War 2.  It lacked the performance...

Early World War 2 Aircraft

The aircraft that fought in the final years of the Second World War were highly developed war machines and are...

French Fighters 1935-1945

ANF Les Mureaux 190 The ANF Mureaux was designed to give the French Air Force a kight fughter, a concept...
A Hawker Hurricane I (Belgium) Airfix 72 The Little Aviation Museum

Hawker Hurricanes

Hawker Hurricane Mk.I In 1934 Hawker began to develop a monoplane fighter using the manufacturing techniques used in building their...

Jet Fokkers in Australia

  After the end of  World War II in 1945 there were so many surplus ex-military Douglas DC-3 airliners (military...
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Rex to George – Evolution of a Fighter

At the end of the Second World War one of the most impressive and effective fighter aircraft was Japan’s Kawanishi...
RAAF Mirage

Royal Australian Air Force Mirage IIIOs, 1963 to 1989

(September 2021) INTRODUCTION Many modellers like to tell stories with their models and do it in the form of dioramas...
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Some Aircraft of the United States Navy and Marine Corps

This museum already has models of many aircraft that have flown with the United States Navy, and there are more...
A DeHavilland DH 9 Kovozavody Prostejov 72 The Little Aviation Museum

Some Royal Australian Air Force Aircraft

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has a stores system based on a series of letter and numbers.  All its...

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