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Adam Rehorn

What a fantastic site! As a modeller, and a website owner, it is a pleasure to see such a great site and such wonderful aircraft. You have a great thing going for fans of both models and history! Keep up the fantastic work!

Moshe Feder

I wish I’d discovered this sooner. It’s a pleasure to see models so perfectly assembled and photographed.


Well Moshe, now you've discovered my secret Walter Mitty life!  I'm glad that you like it, I'm enjoying putting  it together and seeing where it leads me.

Philip Cameron Blumenthal

My Uncle, P/O Stanley R. Given flew with RCAF 432 sqn. out of RAF East Moor as a navigator on a Halifax ( number unknown). The aircraft and crew did 33 OP's during the war. Can anyone tell me if there is any record of the specific plane involved?
Phil Blumenthal, Strathroy, Ontario, Canada.


Dear Phil

That's an interesting question.  I think I found out where you can find the answer you're after but it will take some trawling to find the details, and perhaps more detail than you expected.

The Operational Records for 432 Squadron RCAF have been microfilmed and then digitized.  You can find them at  It gives details of all the operations flown by the squadron so if you know the approximate dates on which he flew his operations your search is easy.  The Squadron appears to have converted from Lancaster IIs in February 1944 and they flew Halifax IIIs and VIIIs until the end of the war.  Between February and the end of September 1944 the report lists each aircraft that went on ops with a listing of the crew, after then only the pilot's name is listed, which will make your trawling harder.

I hope this information is of some assistance.  Good luck.  I assume you are planning to make a model of his Halifax, if so this source of information should give you a good feel for what was happening during the period he was with the squadron.



Paul Carpenter

What a great idea. Models are so much more interesting when you are talking about a specific serial number and the story behind it. It adds so much more to the hobby than building out of the box. If each gallery had just one photograph of the original aircraft I think it would add some gravitas to each "display". Well done.

Thanks for your generous comments Paul, and for your great idea.  At the moment the site isn't formatted in a way that would suit including photos of the real thing but we will put the idea in the memory bank for when we come to do an update.  You are right about the value of modelling specific aircraft, it's not always possible but we do our best.

Greg Murray

What a brilliant website. It is informative and intuitive, coaxing you to search deeper. The Curator’s personal insight into modelling and vast experience makes the read compelling.
Generally speaking, I dislike E reads but the way it flowed made it a joy, a coffee table book would be a cracker, congratulations 👏

Gosh Greg, if this website lasts for twenty years we're unlikely to receive a more encouraging entry in the guest book.  That means we've got nothing to look forward to now.  Can we quote you '...makes the read compelling.'  I doubt that's ever been written before about a website featuring little plastic models.

Bev Collins

What an impressive little museum. I know nothing about planes, but your models look lovely. My only suggestion would be that they could look even better dive bombing over a boy’s bed.

Thanks for your comment.  As for your suggestion about how to display the models : been there, done that!  Perhaps this is just a grown-up version of that.


A very interesting and informative website.
It will be a must see daily site to visit for me.
A totally well thought out and different idea
to the usual scale model web sites.

There's no need to come every day. We're not going to grow that rapidly, so you can have a day off every Thursday if you like.


Very cool idea and well thought out website, well done and best wishes with this endeavour.

Thanks for your comments and best wishes.  Glad you like it.

Ken Watson

Really interesting idea. Great start.

Thanks for your comment, very encouraging.

Chris Wallace

Great concept! I’ll be checking back often.

We're glad that you like the idea.  Drop in any time and say hello.


What an awesome little museum.

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