Ballarat Airport
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

The Ballarat Aviation Museum is a community based volutneer operated museum located at Ballarat Airport. It’s collection comprises representative examples of most museum exhibits representing the rich history of aviation ranging from aircraft and aero engines to uniforms and documents. In addition, the museum is linked to a hangar in which members of the museum house their aircraft, giving a rare opportunity to see a number of currently airworthy and flying civil aircraft.

The museum is located in the building area adjacent to the movement area of Ballarat Airport. The airport is located in the north-west area of Ballarat and easily accessible from the Western Freeway and the Learmonth Road. The airport is currently being redeveloped as an air freight hub with extensive new buildings and an extended runway.

During World War 2 the airport was a major training base with large barracks and training areas. Evidence of this history is evident from the layout of land at the airport and the number of World War 2 buildings still on site which are now used for community activities.

The museum is open to the public on weekends and public holidays from 1pm to 5pm. It has a website and facebook page.