These days there are fewer local hobby shops than there were, thanks partly to the dominance of on-line retailing. If you are lucky enough to have a local hobby shop within driving distance you should support it, because they are becoming an endangered species. However, there are many model kits and other modelling goodies that the local shop cannot keep in stock and so it is a good thing to know about some of the better on-line shops too.

There are many on-line scale modelling shops on the interweb but this British shop among the very best. Hannants range is as wide and deep as the ocean and if you can’t find a lot there to interest you it’s time to go to the doctor for a dire diagnoses. They provide an excellent service with good support. Their weekly Hot News offers a feast of modelling goodies and is not to be missed.

Aviation Megastore
This shop in the Netherlands has tapped into some of the model kit makers and suppliers that even Hannants does not know about and their website offers many interesting and intriguing kits and aftermarket items. I find their search engine a little difficult to navigate but spending a some time with it always uncovers some gems. Their weekly email of new and coming items is a must for any dedicated aviation modeller.

Airline Hobby Supplies
This on-line shop is a Mecca for all aviation modellers interested in airliners. It’s range of airliner model kits is unequalled, as is its range of airliner decals and aftermarket parts such as replacement engines for that special model you are making. Martin, the proprietor, is very knowelgable and helpful so if you like airliners this is one shop you really have to visit.

BNA Modelworld
A great shop for Australian modellers is BNA which is now also gaining an international reputation. While Australians ordering from overseas can can wait three or four weeks for a delivery one from BNA arrives in a couple of days. Add to that a good supply of model kits, after market items and modelling supplies at very competitive prices and this has become a primary source of supply for many Australian modellers, me among them.

Southern Sky Models
This is a mail order service operating out of Western Australia. It specializes in Australian topics and has recently been offering a great many second-hand kits for sale. It is worth getting on their mailing list to receive these lists.

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