I made this Tamiya 1/35 Char BI bis eight to ten years ago. It’s number is 481 and it was named Vercingetorix after an ancient Gaul Warrior Leader against the Romans.

It was probably attached to the 47e B.C.C. 4E D.C.R. French armoured battalion. It was abandoned at Noyers-sur-Cher for now unknown reasons in June 1940. There are several photos of it being inspected there by German soldiers.

I made and weathered this model with the help of photos of the Char BI bis found on the website Char Francaise.

I enhanced the welds with a dremel tool. The model was painted in Model Master enamels with a Dullcote finish. I weathered it with oils and airbrushed buff paint and burnt umber enamels, and added mud deposits and black outlines on camouflage with black texta.


MODEL: Char BI bis ‘Vercingetorix’ by Wayne

SCALE: 1/35


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