The Douglas DC-1 was the first Douglas Commercial (DC) airliner.

Although only one was made the design was the basis for the immensely successful DC-2 and DC-3 airliners that followed it.

The Douglas Commercial 1 was designed and built in competition to the slightly earlier Boeing 247 which is generally considered to be the first modern airliner.

Since the Boeing 247 was made exclusively for United Airways other airlines needed something to compete with it.

TWA asked Douglas to design and make such an airliner but Douglas thought there would not be a market for 100 of these airliners and was hesitant.

It was a huge investment at $350,000 but Douglas was persuaded and the DC-1 made its first flight on 1 July 1933.

It was so successful that TWA ordered 20 that were made as the slightly larger DC-2.

This model represents NC223Y, the only DC-1, flying with TWA in December 1933.

Converted CMR 1/144 kit with kit and home made decals, completed by Leigh Edmonds in February 2018.

Work Bench Notes


MODEL: Douglas DC-1 (TWA, NC223Y, 1933)

ROLE: Airliner

TIME PERIOD: 1933-1940

ENGINES: two Wright Cyclone SGR-1820F-3 Cyclone radial piston engines of 510kW each

WING SPAN: 25.91m

LENGTH: 18.29m



RANGE: 1,600km


ARMAMENT: 12 passengers

SCALE: 1/144


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