The Hawker Hurricane was one of the most important fighters of World War II, providing Britain and its allies with a robust fighter capable of filling many roles. Over 14,000 were constructed.

85 Sqn RAF replaced its Gladiator fighters for Hurricanes in September 1938.

At the outbreak of the war it deployed to France with 16 Hurricanes. It’s primary role was to provide support to Bristol Blenheim and Fairey Battle bomber as well as air defence of airfields.

During the early ‘Phoney war’ period, 85 Squadron performed patrols over the English Channel with its first victory being a German He111 bomber in November 1939.

When the German invasion occurred in May 1940 the squadron was locked in a bitter battle with attacks on airfields leading to little respite from operations.

In an eleven day period, the squadron accounted for 90 confirmed victories and lost 17 pilots.

The squadron provided air cover for the Allied armies until its airfields were overrun and 4 aircraft returned to Britain.

The Squadron re-equipped during June 1940 and took part in the Battle of Britain.

It moved to Yorkshire in September and changed role to night operations in October when its Hurricanes were swapped out for Defiants.

Airfix 1/72 kit completed by Steve Pulbrook in 2011.


MODEL: Hawker Hurricane I (Steve Pulbrook Gallery)

ROLE: fighter

ENGINES: one Rolls Royce Merlin II twelve-cylinder piston engine of 768kW

WING SPAN: 12.19m

LENGTH: 9.83m



RANGE: 845km


ARMAMENT: eight 7.7mm forward firing machine guns

SCALE: 1/72


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