The introduction of aviation to Western Australia

by Leigh Edmonds

This book tells the story of how aviation was introduced to Western Australia in the years following the First World War.

From its pioneering beginnings when Norman Brearley returned to Western Australia in 1919 with two small aeroplanes to regular flights to the rest of the world in 1940, Western Airways traces the development of this new industry and explains how aviation reduced the sense of isolation experienced by Western Australians.

In a State as large as Western Australia the relationship between the fledgling industry and government was a vital ingredient in the successful introduction of this new technology which helped to create modern Western Australia.


  • Introduction – The Tyranny of Isolation
  • Making the West Airminded
  • Launching the Industry
  • The North-West Air Mail Service
  • Preparing for Progress
  • Destruction and Survival
  • Reviving Aviation
  • Linking Western Australia to the World
  • Flying in Western Australia in the 1930s
  • Preparing for War
  • Conclusions – The Experience from the Edge

277 pages, illustrated, referenced, bibliography and indexes.

$33, includes 1 EPUB and 1 PDF

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