Swiss Aircraft
EKW D-3800 – Doflug D-3802 – EFW N-20.10

When we think of Swiss manufacturing an aircraft manufactuging industry is not the first thing that comes to mind. There is the the Pilatus company which has been manufacturing light transport aircraft and trainers since the 1950s that have sold around the world, but before then …? The Swiss have been manufacturing aircraft for many mor years but almost all of them have been aircraft designed elsewhere and licence built in Switzerland. Let’s look at three aircraft made in Switzerland, one locence built, another an improved version of the license built one, and the third one designed in Switzerland.

EKW D-3800 in 1/72 by RS Models
Eidgenoessische Konstruktionswerkstaette (Federal Construction Works) was a state-owned enterprise with the aim of making the Swiss independent of foreign military equipment makers. In 1936 Switzerland obtained a license for local production of the French Morane Saulnier 406. It had the wings of the earlier Morane Saulnier 405 but the engine of the 406. Modification to the French design included a Swiss propeller, instruments and belt fed machine guns. The first of these aircraft flew in November 1939, followed by eight pre-production aircraft and 76 production aircraft. After the war these aircraft were used as trainers and the last one was scrapped in 1954.

Since the D-3800 was basically a Morane Saulnier 406 with a couple of minor modifications you can choose from a wide range of 406 kits, most of which are said to be adequate. The main ones are the Frog kit from 1963, Heller kit from 1965, Hasegawa kit from 1993 (which is available with D-3800 markings), Hobby Boss kit from 2007, RS Models kit from 2012 and the Azur kit from 2013. I’ve made most of them and I’d reckon that the easiest fo them to build are the Heller, Hasegawa and Hobby Boss kits. However, all three lack much in the way of cockpit interiors. The RS Models kit is not the easiest to build but it comes with a decent interior and details and in a very wide range of boxes with options including ehe D-3800 and D-3801. I haven’t found any reviews of this kit so you will have to trust me on this one.

Doflug D-3802 in 1/72 by RS Models
Following the D-3800 a developed version, based also a the French design was consturcted by Doflug, a subsidiary of the German Dornier company. A total of 224 were built between 1941 and 1947. The D-3802 was a further developed version, based on the Morane Saulnier 450, was then designed, much refined and improved from the French original with some German influences evident. The prototype flew for the first time in late 1944. It was capable of 630kmh but had several shortcomings so only the prototype and 12 D-3802s were made. An improved version, the D-3803 was made and, while it had an impressive performance, it’s development was halted when P-51D Mustangs became available instead.


This is one of the versions of the RS Models Morane Saulnier 406 and variants published between 2011 and 2013. As with the other RS Models range of 406 kits this is not the easiest model to make but it comes out nicely if handled with care. The only other option for this aircraft is a Dujin resin kit, and while I love my Dujin kits this injection moulded kit is far superior. You can read a highly detailed in-box review of this kit on the Hyperscale webside and a good looking build review on the Modellversium website and I hope you are more fluent in German than I am.

EFW N-20-10 Aiguillon in by S&M Models
The N-20 was a fighter designed in Switzerland by Eifgenossische Flugzeugwerke (EFW, the Federal Aircraft Factory). Design work began in 1945 and the concept was tested in a 3/5 scale glider version, the N-20-01 that flew in 1948 and 1949. Development of the powered version was slowed by problems in obtaining a suitable engines so the prototype was not completed until 1952. It flew briefly during a taxi text in April 1952 but the project was cancelled soon afterwards. This aircraft is now on display at the Swiss Air Force Museum.

I made this model from the S&M Models kit that was published in 2011. It is a limited run kit and fairly well formed even so. I didn’t write any notes after making this kit and I can’t find any reviews of it. My main memory of it is that it was a difficult kit to build, but I can’t now remember why. If you find one of these kits, let me know what you think.