I suppose I should write something to mark the beginning of this enterprise.

I hope that the purpose of this little museum will be self evident to its visitors.  Imagine that you have arrived at the entrance to a new museum and want to take in all that is has to offer.  We’ve planned this museum to be similar to that museum with exhibits arranged in galleries with information placards provided to give a brief explanation of what you are looking at.  In addition, this little museum offers you a little summary pamphlet that you can take away to look at later.  Feel free to follow your inclinations and interests through the various galleries as the mood takes you.

The galleries are arranged by chronology and by major areas of interest.  Over time we expect that more galleries will be added to cater for an ever expanding number of exhibits.  Special galleries will be added to use the exhibits to tell many stories about aviation and about scale modelling.  (The museum may also cater for other areas of interest and the gallery ‘The Tank Annex’ is the beginning of such a potential range of galleries.)

The Reading Room is like this little museum’s library with reading material on a range of subjects.  Most interesting, perhaps, are the Workbench Notes that are the result of twenty years of writing about my modelling experiences for our local club newsletter.  More articles are to be added at the rate of about one a month.  Feel free to browse around.

Let me remind you that this is only the beginning of a much larger little museum.  At the moment there are only about twelve percent of the initially planned 800 exhibits, and we are planning to add more to that with the help of friends.  We are planning to introduce new exhibits to the museum’s collection every week and a weekly ‘Curator’s Choice’ to highlight some interesting aspects of the collection.  Special Displays will also be added when exhibits have been added to the collection that allow new stories about aviation to be told.  Feel free to come back any time to see what’s new and how the museum is going.

And that’s enough from me for now.  Wander around, see that you think, and don’t forget to let us know your reactions in the Guest Book.