The AMR 35 ZT3 was a version of the AMR 35 light cavalry tank that was armed with an anti-tank gun. Only ten were ordered in 1935 and they entered service in 1939, in time to take part in the Battle of France in 1940.

Development of the AMR 35 light cavalry tank began in 1933 with 200 ordered in five versions, two armed with machine guns, two armed with anti-tank guns and a command version.

Ten each of the ZT2 and ZT3 anti-tank versions were ordered to give some ant-tank capability to units operating the machine gun armed versions.

Design of the ZT3 began in 1935, in theory a simple conversion with the gun mounted in the hull.

However, disputes between the manufacturer and the government and problems in making the commanders’ cupola meant that the ZT3s did not go into service until 1939. They saw service during the Battle of France.

This model represents an AMR 35 ZT3 serving with 1em GDRI in May 1940.
Data: Engine one Renault V-4 engine of 82hp. Hull width 1.76m. Hull length 3.84m. Combat weight 6.51 tonnes. Maximum speed 55km/h. Maximum range 200km. Armament one 25mm SARF gun and one 7.5mm coaxial machine gun. Crew 3.
Minitracks 1/72 kit. Completed in August 2014.



ROLE: Anti-tank vehicle

TIME PERIOD: 1935-1940

ENGINES: one Renault V-4 engine of 82hp

WING SPAN: 1.76m

LENGTH: 3.84m

GROSS WEIGHT: 6.51 tonnes


RANGE: 200km


ARMAMENT: one 25mm SARF gun and one 7.5mm coaxial machine gun

SCALE: 1/72



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