The Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) CA-25 Winjeel (Young Eagle) was a training aircraft designed and built in Australia in the 1950s. They remained in use as trainers until 1975 and later in other roles.

The CAC Winjeel was designed to meet a RAAF requirement for a basic trainer.

The first of two prototypes first flew in February 1951 and they began entering service in 1955.

Sixty-two were manufactured, the final one in August 1957. They remained in service in the training role until 1975 when they were replaced by the PAC CT/4A.

After this a few were used in the Forward Air Control rolw when they were equipped with smoke bombs for target marking. They were retired from this role in 1994.

Subsequently a number were sold into private ownership and many remain on view in Australian aviation museums.

This model represents Winjeel A85-450 in use by No1 FTS at Point Cook in the 1960s

Data: Training aircraft. Engines one Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-2 Wasp Junior nine-cylinder piston engine of 332kW. Wing span 11.77m. Length 8.55m. Gross weight 1,935kg Maximum speed 229km/h. Range 900km. Crew 2 with provision for a third seat.

High Planes 1/72 kit.

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MODEL: CAC CA-25 Winjeel

ROLE: Trainer


ENGINES: one Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-2 Wasp Junior nine-cylinder piston engine of 332kW

WING SPAN: 11.77m

LENGTH: 8.55m



RANGE: 900km

CREW: 2 with provision for a third seat

SCALE: 1/72

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