The AMX-13 is a light air portable AFV designed in France and produced in over 100 versions between 1952 and 1987.

The first version was the AMX-13 armed with a 75mm cannon produced for the French Army.

Development of the AMX-13 began in 1946, based on French lessons from World War 2 and the need for a light and versatile air portable tank to support paratroops.

Key to this new tank was an oscillating turret fitted with an automatic loader to save weight.

The first version of the AMX-13 was armed with a 75mm cannon, production began in 1952 and they began entering service the following year with the French Army.

In 1966 the main armament was upgraded to 90mm and later to 120mm.

The AMX-13 remained in production until 1987, 7,700 were made (4,300 for the French Army) in over a hundred versions and used in over 25 countries.

This model represents an AMX-13/75 in service with the French Army in the mid 1950s.

Model Miniature 1/72 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in November 2016.


MODEL: AMX-13/75

ROLE: light tank


ENGINES: one SOFAM 8Gxb eight cylinder petrol engine of 190kW

WIDTH: 2.51m

LENGTH: 6.36m

GROSS WEIGHT: 14,500kg


RANGE: 400km


ARMAMENT: SA50 75mm canon and two 7.5 MAC machine guns

SCALE: 1/72


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