The AMX-50 Foch was an experimental tank destroyer developed as part of the French attempt to manufacture a powerful medium tank for the French Army.

It was not adopted for production and only one was made.

The AMX-50 was developed immediately after World War II to give the French army a powerful new medium tank.

The first AMX-50 was armed with a 90mm cannon which was soon upgraded to 100mm.

The need for an even larger main gun to counter Russian heavy tanks led to development of the AMX-50 Foch equipped with a 120mm cannon.

Only one was made because a new version of the AMX-50 with a turret mounted 120mm canon was constructed, making the tank destroyer version redundant.

Eventually the entire AMX-50 project was abandoned in favour of the lighter and more mobile AMX-30 MBT.

This model represents the only AMX-50 Foch in 1952.

OKB Grigorov 1/72 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in November 2017.


MODEL: AMX-50 Foch

ROLE: tank destroyer

TIME PERIOD: 1952-1955

ENGINES: Maybach HL 295 12VC engine of 850 hp

WIDTH: 3.4m

LENGTH: 7.35m

GROSS WEIGHT: 57.8 tonnes


RANGE: 250km


ARMAMENT: 120mm main canon with autoloader and one 20mm canon

SCALE: 1/72


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