The ANF Mureaux was designed to give the French Air Force a kight fughter, a concept popular around the world in the mid 1930s. However this design was not successful, due mainly to poor engine reliability.

Les Anteliers des Mureaux was created in 1918 to build aircraft under licence.

During the 1930s the company also produced several original designs, most notably the Les Mureaux 113.

The ANF Les Mureaux 190 was designed to meet a requirement for a light weight fighter for the Armee de l’Air.

It was made as streamlined as possible and built around a relatively low power engine.

It was completed in July 1936 and made its first flight the same month.

However, it suffered from several deficiencies, poor engine reliability being the most important, so the project was abandoned. An improved version, the 191, with retractable undercarriage, was proposed but not constructed.

This model represents the sole ANF Mureaux 190 in mid 1936.

Dujin 1/72 kit was completed by Leigh Edmonds in February 2012.

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MODEL: ANF Les Mureaux 190

ROLE: fighter

TIME PERIOD: 1936-37

ENGINES: one Salmson 12 Vars piston engine of 340kW

WING SPAN: 8.38m

LENGTH: 7.2m




ARMAMENT: (proposed) one 20mm cannon and two 7.7mm machine guns

SCALE: 1/72


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