The Armstrong Whitworth AW.52 was an experimental jet powered flying wing that was designed and flown in Britain in the late 1940s. Although it did not meet expectations it continued making test flights until 1954.

The Armstrong Whitworth AW.52 was an experimental aeroplane designed to test the feasibility of building a flying wing airliner.

It was a half-scale version of the proposed airliner. Among other novel design features it had a laminar flow wing to give it improved performance.

Two AW.52s were made, the first one making its maiden flight on 13 November 1947.

The laminar flow wing did not work well so that performance was below expectations and plans for the bigger airliner were dropped.

However, both aeroplanes continued conducting test flights. The first one crashed in May 1949 but the second continued flying until the test program was wound up in 1954.

This model represents the first AW.52 prototype in about 1948.

 AV Models 1/72 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in October 2015.


MODEL: Armstrong Whitworth AW.52

ROLE: Experimental aircraft

TIME PERIOD: 1947-1954

ENGINES: two Rolls Royce Nene turbojets of 22.2kN each

WING SPAN: 27.4m

LENGTH: 11.4m

GROSS WEIGHT: 15,490kg


RANGE: 2,141km


SCALE: 1/72


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