The Bloch 81 was a French ambulance aircraft designed and built by the Marcel Bloch company in the 1930s. They were used exclusively in the French colonies of Morocco and Syria until early in World War 2.

The Block 81 was a light aircraft designed specifically to transport sick or wounded patients.

It was designed to meet a French government requirement for an ‘aerial first aid’ aircraft for use in its overseas colonies of Morocco and Syria.

The prototype Bloch 80 made its first flight in mid 1932 and was thoroughly tested. It was able to take off in 70 meters and land in 95 meters.

Twenty improved Bloch 81s were manufactured and began entering service in 1935.

They were used extensively throughout North Africa and the middle east. Some were used up until 1941 when they served opposing French forces in July 1941

This model represent a Bloch 81 of the 3rd Escadrille, GRI/39 at Rayak in Syris in 1940.

Dujin 1/72 kit with Model-Art decals completed by Leigh Edmonds in July 2023.


MODEL: Bloch 81

ROLE: Ambulance aircraft

TIME PERIOD: 1935-1940s

ENGINES: one Salmson 9Nd radial air cooled engine of 128.68kW

WING SPAN: 12.59m

LENGTH: 12.59m


RANGE: 654km

PAYLOAD: one passenger seated or stretchered


SCALE: 1/72


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