The Boeing 299AB was a converted Boeing B-17G bomber. Military equipment was removed and civilian equipment fitted instead. It was used by Trans World Airlines as an executive transport immediately after World War II.

This aircraft was called the 229AB because Boeing gave all B-17s the model number 299 with a following letter designating the next version to be developed. All the letters from A to Z had been allocated and AB was the next in the sequence.

A standard B-17G was converted to Boeing 299AB standard in 1946 for Trans World Airlines.

The military equipment was removed and new equipment including airline seats, cabin windows, a bunk was fitted.

The 299AB was not licensed to carry passengers and TWA used it as an executive transport in negotiating agreements with airlines in the Middle East.

It was given to the Shah of Iran in 1947 as part of negotiations for an agreement with Iran Air, and was later again sold in France where it was scrapped in 1970.

Minicraft 1/144 kit with Draw decals completed by Leigh Edmonds in April 2016.

Work Bench Notes


MODEL: Boeing 299AB (TWA, NL1B, 1946)

ROLE: converted bomber

TIME PERIOD: 1946-1970

ENGINES: four Wright R-1820-97 turbosupercharged radial engines of 895kW each

WING SPAN: 31.62m

LENGTH: 22.66m



RANGE: 3,219km

SCALE: 1/144


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