The Boeing 307 was the world’s first pressurised airliner and offered unprecedented comfort on America’s main air routes. They served with the USAAF during most of World War II before returning to civil service.

The Boeing 307 was the first commercial airliner to enter service with a pressurised cabin, offering its passengers a much more comfortable flight.

They used the wings and tails of Boeing B-17Cs.

The first one made its first flight on 31 December 1938 and they began entering service in mid 1940.

Only ten were made, flying for Pan American and TWA.

During the war they were taken over by the military, designated C-75s and used mainly on trans-Atlantic flights.

TWA’s 307s were returned to it in 1944 and reconditioned with B-17G wings and tails. They remained in service with that airline until 1951.

This model represents NC19905 flying for TWA in 1945.

Anigrand 1/144 kit with Vintage Flyer decals completed by Leigh Edmonds in February 2018.



MODEL: Boeing 307 (TWA, NC19905, 1945)

ROLE: airliner

TIME PERIOD: 1938-1975

ENGINES: four Wright GR-1820-G102A radial piston engines of 820kW each

WING SPAN: 32.69m

LENGTH: 22.66m

GROSS WEIGHT: 20,412kg


RANGE: 2 100km

PAYLOAD: 38 day or 25 night time passengers


SCALE: 1/144


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