The Boeing KC-135 was an aerial tanker developed for the United States Air Force in the 1950s to extend the range of its jet bomber fleet. It has proved very successful since then and many remain in service to this day.

The Boeing KC-135 was developed during the 1950s to give the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command an aerial refuelling aircraft to extend the range of its jet bomber force so it could attack Russia.

It was based on the Boeing 367-80 prototype which was also used in the creation of the Boeing 707 airliner.

The USAF ordered the KC-135 in 1954, the prototype first flew in August 1956, the first production aircraft was delivered in June 1957 and the final and 803rd KC-135 was delivered to the Air Force in 1965.

They are likely to remain in service into the 2030s, most now fitted with more fuel efficient engines.

This model represents a KC-135A flying with the 22nd Air Refuelling Wing in the 1970s.

Welsh Models 1/144 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in January 2020.

Work Bench Notes


MODEL: Boeing KC-135A

ROLE: Military aerial refuelling aircraft

TIME PERIOD: 1954-1980s

ENGINES: four Pratt & Whitney J57-59W turbojet engines of 44kN thrust each

WING SPAN: 39.88m

LENGTH: 41.53m



RANGE: 2,414km

PAYLOAD: up to 80 passengers and up to 38,000 kg of cargo


SCALE: 1/144

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