The Caudron 366 was a version of the Caudron 362 racer fitted with a more powerful engine. In 1933 it set a new landplane speed record and in 1934 it came second in the Coup Deutsche de la Meurthe air race.

The Caudron 36 series was designed to take part in the 1933 air race named after the French industrialist family Deutsche de la Meurthe.

Following that race one of the three 36 series aeroplanes was purchased by the Regnier company and fitted with a more powerful six cylinder Regnier engine and controllable pitch propeller.

Like the other 36 series aeroplanes the 366 had a high wing loading and was quite difficult to fly.

With this aeroplane Louis Masotte set a new unlimited landplane speed record of 358.15km/h over 100km.

Masotte also flew this aeroplane in the 1934 Coup Deutsche de la Meurthe. Achieving a speed of 360.72 km/h, he came second after a more advanced Caudron 450 racer.

This model represents the Caudron 366 flown by Louis Masotte in the Coup Deutsche de la Meurthe on 27 May 1934.

Dujin 1/72 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in June 2012.


MODEL: Caudron 366

ROLE: racing aircraft

TIME PERIOD: 1933-1934

ENGINES: one Regnier 6 cylinder piston engine of 110kW

WING SPAN: 6.80m

LENGTH: 7.07m



SCALE: 1/72


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