The Caudron 460 was a racing aeroplane constructed in 1934 to participate in the Coupe de la Meurthe air race. Three were made. One won the race in 1935 and another the Greve and Thompson trophies in America in 1936.

The Caudron 460 was a version of the Caudron 450 racing aeroplane fitted with retractable undercarriage, which necessitated the use of a two spare wing rather than the single spar of the Caudron 450.

Three Caudron 460s were manufactured for the Coupe de la Meurthe air races of 1934 but only one was ready in time and beaten by the Caudron 450 due to undercarriage trouble.

A Caudron 460 won the 1935 race but they were beaten again in 1936 due to mechanical problems.

One Caudron 460 was fitted with more powerful engines and taken to the United States in 1936 where it astounded Americans by beating their best in the National Air Races that year.

This model represents the Caudron 460 which won the Greve and Thompson Trophies at the 1936 National Air Races.

Dujin 1/72 kit with kit and home made decals completed by Leigh Edmonds in July 2016.


MODEL: Caudron 460

ROLE: racing aircraft

TIME PERIOD: 1934-1936

ENGINES: One Renault 456 supercharge air cooled piston engine of 231kW

WING SPAN: 6.75m

LENGTH: 7.11m




SCALE: 1/72


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