The Colonial Viper VIIc was a surface based version of the Viper VII which had become ubiquitous in the armed forces of the Twelve Colonies at the beginning of the Second Cylon War. It was vulnerable to computer hacking.

.The Colonial Viper VII was a continuation of the original Viper design which began entering service during the First Cylon War.

The Viper VII was a follow-on design from earlier Viper IVs and Vs but with reduced mass.

This reduction was made up for by improved computer hardware and data linking between Vipers, Battlestars and ground based bases.

The VII was also designed to the same general size and weight as the earlier Viper IIs so it could use the existing launch tubes on Basttlestars.

The Viper VIIc a was surface based version designed as a point-defence interceptor for planetary defence.

Although externally similar to the earlier Viper VIIa and VIIb it was modified for operation in atmospheric and low orbital altitudes and was strengthened internally to withstand the forces met in those regions.

This model represents a Viper VIIc of the 3rd Planetary Defence Squadron based on Picon at the beginning of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.

Moebius Models 1:72 kit. This model was completed by Leigh Edmonds in November 2023.


MODEL: Colonial Viper VIIc

ROLE: Fighter

SCALE: 1/72

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