The Convair 990 was Convair’s attempt to create a modern jet airliner. It aimed for higher speed and lower capacity in comparison to its competitors but this was the wrong strategy, resulting in a huge financial loss for Convair.

The Convair 990 was designed at the request of American Airlines for an airliner capable of flying across the United States against headwinds.

It was an upgraded version of the Convair 880 with a lengthened fuselage, more powerful engines and large anti-shock bodies on the upper wings to reduce drag and improve speed.

Convair hoped that the increased speed of the 990 would compete effectively against the slower but higher capacity Boeing 707s and Douglas DC-8s.

They were wrong and only 37 Convair 990s were manufactured.

They remained in front line airline service for only a few years before being sold to charter airlines.

This model represents a Convair 990 in service with American Airlines in 1968.

Welsh Models 1/144 kit with F-Rsin Decals completed by Leigh Edmonds in October 2011.


MODEL: Convair 990 (American Airlines, N5614, 1968)

ROLE: narrow-body airliner

TIME PERIOD: 1960-1987

ENGINES: four General Electric CJ805-23 turbofan engines of 71.6kN each

WING SPAN: 36.58m

LENGTH: 42.49m

GROSS WEIGHT: 115,700kg


RANGE: 8690km

PAYLOAD: 91 to 121 passengers


SCALE: 1/144

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