The Convair F-106 was a development of the earlier F-102 with improved aerodynamics, engine, avionics and armaments. Sometimes called the ‘Ultimate Interceptor’, they flew in defense of United States from 1959 to 1988.

The first F-106 made its maiden flight on 26 December 1956 but the complexity of its design and weapons systems lead to protracted development and reduction of production from a planned 1000 to 277 single-seat and 63 twin-seat F-106s.

They began entering service in October 1959 but lack of a replacement meant they remained operational much longer than planned until F-15s began replacing them in the interceptor role the early 1980s.

This model represents a F-106 of the Montana Air National Guard, c.1978.

Hasegawa 1/72 kit with Microscale decals completed by Leigh Edmonds in February 2008.


MODEL: Convair F-106A

ROLE: interceptor fighter

TIME PERIOD: 1956-1988

ENGINES: one Pratt & Whitney J75-P-17 turbojet engine of 109kN (24,500lb) thrust on afterburner

WING SPAN: 11.67m

LENGTH: 21.55m

GROSS WEIGHT: 15,653kg


RANGE: 1173km


ARMAMENT: mixture of AIM 4 and AIM 26 Falcon missiles and an AIR-2 Genie missile or one M61 20mm cannon

SCALE: 1/72


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