The Couzinet Arc en Ciel was designed to carry mail across the South Atlantic from Africa to South America. It made five crossings during the early 1930s but was not put into production, so only one was ever made.

Rene Couzinet, an aeronautical engineer and air force lieutenant, designed a series of highly streamlined three engined aircraft in the late 1920s, all under the general name of Arc en Ciel (Rainbow).

The first was a relatively small Arc en Ciel 10 four place bomber which first flew in May 1928. This was followed by the larger Arc en Ciel 20/27 and then the even larger Arc en Ciel 70 which was designed to fly mail across the South Atlantic.

It made its first flight on 11 February 1932 and made the first landplane crossing of the South Atlantic from Senegal to Brazil on 5/6 April 1933 in around 14 hours.

The 70 was later converted to a 71 but it did not enter production and the only one was destroyed during World War 2.

This model represents the only Arc en Ciel 70 in the mid 1930s.

F-Rsin 1/144 kit. Completed in March 2017.


MODEL: Couzinet Arc en Ciel 70

ROLE: Long range mail plane

TIME PERIOD: 1932-1940

ENGINES: three Hispano-Suiza 12Nb liquid cooled piston engines of 485kW each


LENGTH: 16.15m

GROSS WEIGHT: 16, 790kg


RANGE: 6,800km

CREW: four

SCALE: 1/72


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