The Curtiss SB2C was the last of the Curtiss ‘Helldiver’ line and served with great success in the Pacific during World War II.

More than 7000 were made and they went on to serve with many air forces after the war.

Design of the SB2C began in 1938 to replace the Douglas SBD.

The new dive-bomber flew for the first time on 18 December 1940 but due to production delays the first service SB2C did not fly until June 1942 and VS-9 introduced it to service in December 1942.

Many aircrew considered it a badly designed and difficult aeroplane to fly by the time the -4 version entered service it’s strengths were appreciated and it sank more shipping tonnage than any other aeroplane during World War II.

This model represents a SB2C-4 of VB-84 flying from USS Bunker Hill in March 1945.

Academy 1:72 kit with Avi Print decals completed by Leigh Edmonds in July 2009.


MODEL: Curtiss SB2C-4

ROLE: Dive bomber

TIME PERIOD: 1940-1959

ENGINES: One Wright Cyclone R-2600-20 Cyclone 14 piston radial engine of 1400kW

WING SPAN: 15.16m

LENGTH: 11.18m



RANGE: 1875km


ARMAMENT: two wing mounted 20mm cannon and two 7.62mm machine gun in rear cockpit and up to 1125kg of bombs

SCALE: 1/72


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