The Dewoitine 510 was a version of the earlier Dewoitine 500 and 501 fighters fitted with a more powerful engine. They began entering service in 1936 but were obsolete by the beginning of the Second World War in 1939.

The Dewoitine 510 was version of the Dewoitine 500 and 501 that entered service with the French Armee de l’Air in 1935.

With a more powerful Hispano Suiza 12Ycrs engine the 510 had an improved performance but the same armament.

The prototype 510 first flew on 14 August 1934, an initial order was placed in May 1935 and deliveries began in October 1936.

The gradually replaced the 500s and 501s and three Groupes de Chasse were still flying at the beginning of the Second World War, though they had been withdrawn from service by May 1940.

This model represents Dewoitine 510 No.219 of 3 Escadrille, GCII/1 at Etampes in 1938.

Heller 1/72 kit with Print Scale decals completed by Leigh Edmonds in January 2021.

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MODEL: Dewoitine 510

ROLE: single-seat fighter

TIME PERIOD: 1934-1940

ENGINES: one Hispano Suiza 12Ycrs 12 cylinder water cooled piston engine of 640kW

WING SPAN: 12.09m

LENGTH: 7.94m



RANGE: 700km


ARMAMENT: one 20mm Hispano Suiza cannon and two 7.5mm Darne machine guns

SCALE: 1/72


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