The Char 2C was developed in France during World War I and entered service in 1921.

They were used for propaganda in early World War II but did not see operational service. They remain the largest tank ever produced.

In mid 1916 Forges et Chantiers de la Mediterranée (FCM) was granted a contract to develop a super-heavy tank.

However, development was delayed by the politics of French tank production during World War I and no tanks had been produced by the end of the war.

In April 1919 ten Char 2Cs were ordered and they were completed and entered service in 1921. They remained in service during the inter-war period with only three still operational at one time.

Although they had little military value by the beginning of World War II they were all used for propaganda purposes.

They did not see operations and were destroyed by their crews when stranded on a railway line in June 1940.

This model represents the ninth Char 2C, named ‘Berry’, in early 1940.

Ostmodels 1/72 kit. completed by Leigh Edmonds in December 2012.



ROLE: heavy tank

TIME PERIOD: 1921-1940

ENGINES: two 186kW engines

WIDTH: 2.95m

LENGTH: 10.27m

GROSS WEIGHT: 69 tonnes


RANGE: 150km

CREW: 12

ARMAMENT: one 75mm gun and four 8mm Hotchkiss machine guns

SCALE: 1/72



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