The Fiat G.91Y was an advanced version of the Fiat G.91 that was designed in the 1950s to meet a NATO requirement for a light strike fighter. Despite its improved performance it saw only limited service in the Italian air force.

The Fiat G.91Y was a development of the Fiat G.91 that won a NATO competition for a light strike fighter.

The first G.91 flew on 9 August 1956 and they went on to serve in the German, Italian and Portugese air forces.

Development of the G.91Y began in 1965, with more powerful engines and a higher payload. Its maiden flight occurred on 27 December 1967.

Despite improved performance, however, only 55 were manufactured and served only in Italy.

This model represents a Fiat G.91Y of No.8 Stormo at Cervina San Giorgio

Matchbox 1/72 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in October 1991.


MODEL: Fiat G.91Y

ROLE: Attack fighter

TIME PERIOD: 1966-1994

ENGINES: two General Electric J85-GE-13A turbojets of 12.12kN dry thrust or 18.15kN thrust with afterburners

WING SPAN: 9.01m

LENGTH: 11.67m


MAXIMUM SPEED: 1,110km/h

RANGE: 3,400km


ARMAMENT: two 30mm DEFA cannon and four underwing pylons with capacity of 1,814kg of bombs, rocket pods or napalm

SCALE: 1/72


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