The Focke-Wulf Fw190 was one of the most important fighters of World War II and over 20,000 were manufactured. The G version was specifically adapted as a long range ground attack version and about 1,300 were made.

Development of the Fw190 began in 1937 and the first prototype was flown on 1 June 1939.

During the development phase a number of changes were made to its engines and various design features including wing span and nose shape. The first production aircraft began leaving assembly lines in late 1940.

The Fw190G series was based on the Fv190A series and developed as a ground attack version with all but two of the guns removed but bomb racks fitted to accommodate various kinds of stores. The G-3 version was an adaption of the Fw190A-6.

This model represent a Fw190G-3 test flown by the US Navy at Patuxent River Air Base in 1944.

Hasegawa 1/72 kit. Completed in July 2018


MODEL: Focke Wulf Fw190G-3

ROLE: Fighter

TIME PERIOD: 1943-1945

ENGINES: one BMW 801D radial piston engine of 1268kW

WING SPAN: 10.5m

LENGTH: 8.84m


RANGE: 805km


SCALE: 1/72


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