The Focke Wulf Fw200 was designed in 1936 to compete with the Douglas DC-3 on European air routes and made several record setting flights in the late 1930s. It went on to become an important military aeroplane during WWII.

The Fw200 was designed as a commercial airliner to replace Lufthansa’s Ju52 airliners which were losing ground to Douglas DC-3s.

The first prototype flew in July 1937 and, with the second prototype, made several record setting flights including a non stop flight between Berlin and New York in August 1938.

Fw200s were sold to several airlines including Lufthansa before the beginning of World War II and with the advent of war a new version, the Fw200C, was developed for maritime reconnaissance duties and became notorious as the ‘Scourge of the Atlantic.

Many Fw200s also served as heavy air transports later in the war.

This model represents the second Fw200 prototype in service with Deutsche Lufthansa c.1939

F-rsin 1/144 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in December 2010.


MODEL: Focke Wulf Fw2000A (Deutsche Lufthansa, D-ADHR, 1939)

ROLE: airliner

TIME PERIOD: 1937-1945

ENGINES: four BMW 132G1 radial piston engines of 559.27 kW each

WING SPAN: 32.85m

LENGTH: 23.45m


RANGE: 3000km

PAYLOAD: up to 25 passengers depending on seating layout and route


SCALE: 1/144


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