The Hotchkiss H35 was developed as a cheap and light infantry support tank. Many problems meant it was not very successful but many were produced before 1939 when production of the improved H39 version began.

Development of the H35 began in 1933 to provide the French Army with a light infantry support tank.

However, low engine power and other problems made it impossible to steer on uneven surfaces and dangerous to use with infantry.

Consequently, the Renault R35, which was designed to the same specification, proved much more satisfactory and was adopted for infantry use.

Despite this, production of the H35 continued and they were supplied to the cavalry instead where its problems were not so important.

Development of the improved H39 began in 1936 and it replaced the H35 after 400 had been produced.

This model represents a Hotchkiss H35 of the 4th Cuissiers, 1st DLM, c. May 1940.

RPM 1/72 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in July 2010.


MODEL: Hotchkiss H35

ROLE: light tank

TIME PERIOD: 1936-1952

ENGINES: one Hotchkiss 6 cylinder of 58kw

WIDTH: 1.95m

LENGTH: 4.22m

GROSS WEIGHT: 11.00 tonnes


RANGE: 129km


ARMAMENT: 37mm SA18 37mm cannon and one 7.5mm machine gun

SCALE: 1/72



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