I made this 1/35 IDF M151A1 Mutt Jeep about ten years ago. I dreamed up the after looking at numerous IDF photos.

The kit is Academy with added extras like resin aftermarket IDF figures, extra stowage, ration box, flyscreen front grille cover, elastoplast seat coverings, radio items and aerials.

I added chain to the front bumper, a stretcher to the right side, transistor radio in front of commander figure, a RPG to the rear figure and orange air ID cloth to front bonnet.

The paint I used was Model Master IDF Sand Grey enamels to vehicle and IDF dark green uniforms in Model Master enamels with black tape to helmets and binoculars.

The Model is pinned to the wooden base which is home made.


MODEL: IDF M151A – Enhanced Academy 1/35 Jeep by Wayne

SCALE: 1/35


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