The Junkers Ju322 Mammut (Mammoth) was a very heavy transport glider designed for the Luftwaffe during World War II. It had serious design flaws so the project was cancelled in favour of the Messerchmitt Me231 heavy glider.

The Junkers Ju322 was designed to meet a Luftwaffe need for an aircraft capable of carrying very heavy loads.

It was ordered in competition with the Messerchmitt Me321 heavy glider.

The Ju322 was constructed out of non-strategic materials, mainly wood, and had a planned payload of 20,000kg which could include a PzKpfw IV tank.

However, during its planning and construction this payload was reduced to 11,000kg.

The Ju322 made its first flight in April 1941 but proved difficult to handle in the air and manoeuvre on the ground.

The Me321 was ordered into production instead, the Ju 322 was cancelled in May 1941 and the two constructed Ju322s and other partially constructed aircraft were cut up for firewood.

This model represents the prototype Ju322 in April 1941.

Anigrand 1/144 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in July 2012.


MODEL: Junkers Ju322

ROLE: cargo glider



LENGTH: 30.25m

PAYLOAD: payload 11,000kg, up to 22


ARMAMENT: 3 MG15 machine guns

SCALE: 1/144

KIT: ,

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