The F-104 was originally designed as a light-weight high-speed interceptor. Redesigned as the F-104G multi-role fighter it was highly successful and served with air forces around the world from the 1960s.

The Lockheed F-104 was designed in Lockheed’s famous ‘Skunk Works’ as a light weight interceptor.

Two prototypes were ordered in March 1953 and the first one made its maiden flight on 17 February 1956.

There were many problems with the early versions so the F-104 was redesigned in the late 1950s as the F-104G, a multi-role fighter for the Luftwaffe.

After it was selected for production, this version was widely manufactured and flown by many other air forces allied with the United States.

Mitsubishi manufactured 210 for Japanese service, called the F-104J. They entered service there in 1962 and the last ones were retired in March 1986.

This model represents a F-104J of the Japanese Self Defence Air Force in the 1980s.

Crown 1:144 kit comnpleted by Leigh Edmonds in April 2014.


MODEL: Lockheed F-104J

ROLE: fighter

TIME PERIOD: 1962-1986

WING SPAN: 6.68m

LENGTH: 6.68m


MAXIMUM SPEED: 2,338km/h

RANGE: 1,110km


ARMAMENT: one 20mm M61A-1 cannon and up to 1955kg weapon load

SCALE: 1/144


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