The Lorriane 38L VBCP was a light armoured personnel carrier developed from the Lorraine 37L light supply tractor. France used them during the Battle of France and Germany then used them in several forms later in the war.

The Lorraine company completed the prototype 37L in early 1937 to meet the French Army requirement for a munitions vehicle to support independent tank units.

They were ordered into production in 1938 and about 480 were delivered by late June 1940.

On the Lorraine 38L VBCP armoured personnel carrier the cargo bay was replaced by an armoured box capable of holding six men (another six were in a tracked trailer – not supplied with this kit).

Around 150 had been delivered by the end of June 1940.

The rugged suspension of the Lorraine lent itself to later conversions for German use and a number were also used by French Forces in 1945.

This model represents a Lorraine in service with the 2nd DCR, c. May 1940.

RPM 1/72 kit with Sparrow Castings trailer completed by Leigh Edmonds in May 2010.


MODEL: Lorraine 38L VBCP

ROLE: armoured personnel carrier

TIME PERIOD: 1939-1940s

ENGINES: one Delahaye 135 6 cylinder inline engine of 70hp

WIDTH: 1.57m

LENGTH: 4.20m

GROSS WEIGHT: 7.7 tonnes


RANGE: 137km

PAYLOAD: 12 infantrymen (6 in separate trailer)


SCALE: 1/72



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