The Martin P6M Sea Master was a high speed strategic bomber developed in the 1950s for the US Navy. It’s role was to deliver nuclear weapons but it was supersceded by the Navy’s nuclear missile armed submarines in 1959.

The Martin P6M Sea Master was designed in the early 1950s to give the United States Navy the ability to deliver nuclear weapons from sea bases at close to the speed of sound.

The first prototype XP6M-1 made its maiden flight on 14 July 1955 but there were developmental problems and both prototypes were lost in flying accidents.

A much improved version, the P6M-2, was designed and built in the late 1950s.

However, by then the US Navy was about to launch its nuclear missile armed submarines which meant it had no use for the P6M, and the project was cancelled in August 1959 after eight P6M-2s had been completed.

This model represents one of the P6M-2s used in operational training in 1959.

Mach 2 1/72 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in April 2016.

Work Bench Notes


MODEL: Martin P6M-2

ROLE: strategic bomber flying boat

TIME PERIOD: 1955-1959

ENGINES: four Pratt & Whitney J75-P-2 turbojet engines of 77.8kN each

WING SPAN: 31.27m

LENGTH: 40.94m


MAXIMUM SPEED: 1,104km/h

RANGE: 3,352km


ARMAMENT: two 20mm cannon mounted in tail and mines or bombs up to 13,000kg

SCALE: 1/72


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