The Martin PBM Mariner was a long range flying boat that saw successful service during and after World War II.

In 1943 twelve of the cargo version were delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force.

In 1937 the US Navy issued a requirement for a new patrol flying boat to which Martin responded with a proposal that became the PBM Mariner.

The first prototype flew in February 1939 and the Mariner remained in production for the next 12 years.

It was not produced in large numbers but it became one of the most successful workhorse flying boats of World War II which saw action in almost every theatre of the war in a number of roles including maritime patrol, anti-submarine, transport and air/sea rescue.

The PBM-3R was a transport version with a cargo door but no armament.

In 1943 12 were delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force.

This model represents a Mariner in service with 41 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force

Rareplanes 1/72 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in May 1995.


MODEL: Martin PBM-3R Mariner

ROLE: Transport aircraft

TIME PERIOD: 1943-1948

ENGINES: two Wright R-2600-22 Cyclone radial piston engines of 1417kW each

WING SPAN: 35.97m

LENGTH: 23.56m

GROSS WEIGHT: 21,772kg


RANGE: 4825km

SCALE: 1/72


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