The McDonnell F3H-2 Demon was a generally disappointing fighter. Design began in 1949 but problems with its engine meant it could not exceed the speed of sound. Even so, it served as a fleet interceptor from 1956 to 1964.

The McDonnell F3H began development with a very disappointing engine.

After its first flight in August 1951 it was given a better engine and larger wings and the first F3H-2 flew in October 1954 but was still unable to exceed the speed of sound.

In all 519 F3Hs were manufactured before production ended in November 1959.

They began entering service with the US Navy in 1956 and supplemented the faster and more agile F11Fs and F8Us as an all-weather fleet interceptor, armed with early Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles.

The final F3H was withdrawn from service in 1964

This model represents the F3H-2 of VF-41 which won the Top Gun Award in December 1959.

Emhar 1:72 kit with Microscale decals completed by Leigh Edmonds in June 2010.


MODEL: McDonnell F3H-2

ROLE: fighter

TIME PERIOD: 1954-1964

ENGINES: one Allison J71-A-2E turbojet with afterburner thrust of 64kN

WING SPAN: 10.77m

LENGTH: 17.98m


MAXIMUM SPEED: 1,152km/h

RANGE: 2,900km


ARMAMENT: four 20mm cannon and provision for missiles and bombs up to 6 000lbs

SCALE: 1/72


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