The MiG-Ye-152A was an interim version of a development aircraft but secrecy in the early 1960s meant that Western experts mistook it for a major new Russian fighter.

The Ye-152A was seen at a Russian air show in 1961 and mistaken for an important new Russian fighter. It was, however, part of a Russian test program to develop a high performance interceptor.

The first version, the Ye-150, flew for the first time in 1958 and development of the fighter version began in 1959.

As the new engine was still under development the first Ye-152 was fitted with two smaller engines and designated the Ye-152A.

It first flew in July 1959 and conducted test flights until it crashed in January 1965.

The single engine Ye-152 did not go into production, being overtaken by development of the MiG-25, but design data went to Chian which used it in their J-8 interceptor.

This model represents the only Ye-152A

Otaki 1/144 kit. Completed in August 2003.

Work Bench Notes


MODEL: MiG-Ye-152A (Otaki)

ROLE: Experimental interceptor

TIME PERIOD: 1959-1965

ENGINES: two Tumansky RR-11F-300 turbojet engines of 5740kg thrust each

WING SPAN: 8.49m

LENGTH: 19.00m


MAXIMUM SPEED: 2,500km/h

RANGE: 2,300km


ARMAMENT: 2 K-9-155 missiles

SCALE: 1/144


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