The Morane G was a racing and sporting aircraft designed and built in France from 1912. They were very successful in that role but when World War I broke out in 1914 they were found generally unsuitable as military aircraft.

The Morane G was a sport and racing monoplane designed by Leon Morane and Raymond Saulnier that first flew in 1912.

It was a sporting success in 1913, participating in races and undertaking long distance record setting flights including several by the noted French aviator Roland Garros.

It was built under licence in England, Russia, Sweden and Germany and forty were ordered by Turkey.  However, when World War I started that order was taken over by the French army which ordered another 94.

Many Morane Gs were impressed into military service but by 1914 they were found generally unsuitable for military service though they were used in reconnaissance and training.

They were followed by the slightly improved Morane H.

This model represents a standard Morane G in 1913.

Azmodel 1/72 kit.

Work Bench Notes


MODEL: Morane G

ROLE: sports aircraft

TIME PERIOD: 1913-2-1918

ENGINES: one Le Rhône Gnome rotary engine of 60kW

WING SPAN: 9.20m

LENGTH: 6.30m



SCALE: 1/72


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