The Nakajima Ki-84 was one of the best fighters produced by Japan during World War II. It was highly respected by those it opposed but its relatively late arrival and problems with quality control during production limited its impact.

This model represents a Ki-84 Hayate of the 9th Sentai.

It was formed in 1938 in China where it stayed for the war’s duration flying Ki-27 Nates, Ki-43 Oscars, Ki-44 Tojos and Ki-84 Hayates in that order.

They were continually in combat with Chinese and American aircraft and were the main Sentai opposing B-29’s bound from China to the Japanese home islands.

The model is based on the only photo I could find of a 9th Sentai aircraft which was probably taken at Nanking, China at the war’s end.

Details and photos of this Sentai are extremely hard to find. The tail marking is a stylised interpretation of an ancient Japanese spear called a Yari, all sprayed.

Hasegawa 1/32 kit with Red Fox cockpit details, scratch built wiring and Eduard IJA seatbelts. Painted in SMS and AK Lacquer paints with all markings masked and airbrushed. Weathered with MiG and AK pigments, oils and washes, all sealed with SMS clear flat lacquer. Completed by Wayne in December 2022.


MODEL: Nakajima Ki-84 (Frank) (9th Sentai, IJA, 1945)

ROLE: fighter

TIME PERIOD: 1943-1945

ENGINES: one Nakajima Ha-45-21 18 cylinder air cooled radial piston engine of 1484kW

WING SPAN: 11.24m

LENGTH: 9.92m



RANGE: 1695km


ARMAMENT: two 20mm cannon and two 12.7mm machine guns

SCALE: 1/32


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