The Nord Griffon II was an experimental interceptor designed in France in the 1950s. It’s ramjet engines gave it a very high speed but it was not put into production as it was more expensive and complex than a conventional jet fighter.

Design of the Griffon began in the late 1940s to meet a requirement for a high-speed interceptor.

Its primary power source was a ramjet engine with an auxiliary turbojet engine so the Griffon could take off under its own power and reach the speed at which the ramjet became efficient.

The first Griffon, which lacked the ramjet, flew for the first time on 20 September 1955 and the second, which was fitted with the ramjet, made its first flight on 23 January 1957.

In 1958 it established a new air speed record of mach 2.19, (2,330 kmh). The ramjet worked well and, although the Griffon II exceeded expectations, the Mirage III was selected for production instead.

This model represents the only Griffon II in 1958.

Founderie Miniature 1:72 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in October 2019.


MODEL: Nord 1500 Griffon II

ROLE: experimental fighter

TIME PERIOD: 1957-1961

ENGINES: one ATAR 101E-3 turbojet engine of 34.3kN thrust and one Nort Stato-Reacteur ramjet of 68.0 kN thrust

WING SPAN: 8.10m

LENGTH: 14.54m


MAXIMUM SPEED: 2,300km/h


SCALE: 1/72

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