The Nord 260 was a light commuter and freight aeroplane developed in France in the late 1950s. It was based on the piston engined Max Holste Super Broussard but was superceded by the Nord 262, so only nine were made.

The Nord 260 began development as the Max Holste MH250 Super Broussard that was intended to replace the venerable Douglas DC-3.

The Max Holste company lacked construction capability so production was undertaken by Nord. Preliminary agreement was reached between the two companies in October 1959 and the prototype made its first flight on 29 July 1960.

Nord undertook further development, leading to the popular Nord 262 with a rounded fuselage which became much more attractive to customers. As a result only nine Nord 260s were manufactured and used by the Armee de l’ Air, although some were leased to airlines for short periods until they could take delivery of their Nord 262s.

This model represents F-BKRH in service with Air Inter in the early 1960s.

F-Rsin 1/144 kit. Completed in December 2015.


MODEL: Nord 260 (Air Inter, F-BKRH, early 1960s)

ROLE: Light airliner

TIME PERIOD: 1960-1980

ENGINES: two Turbomeca Bastan IV turboprop engines of 735kW each

WING SPAN: 21.92m

LENGTH: 17.60m



RANGE: 1,500km

PAYLOAD: 23 passengers


SCALE: 1/144


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