The Soyuz spacecraft has been in use by Russia since the mid 1960s. It has been the most successful spacecraft so far used, has evolved through a series of changes and remains in use today.

The R-7 was designed as Russia’s first international continental ballistic missile and has made over 1700 flights since 1956.

Although it is an old design, it is simple, cheap and efficient and remains in production as the Soyuz U series of launchers.

The first Soyuz manned spacecraft was launched on 23 April 1967 but resulted in the first man to be killed in space.

Since then it has been launched in greater numbers than any other spacecraft and has evolved through several stages.

The Soyuz TM made 33 flights between February 1987 and April 2002 before being replaced by the improved TMA series.

This model represents a Soyuz TM c.1990s.

Maquette 1/144 kit with Real Space Models Syouz stage and New Ware decals completed by Leigh Edmonds in April 2008.


MODEL: R-7 Soyuz TM

ROLE: launcher and spacecraft


ENGINES: Stage 1: four strap on boosters each with four RD-107 engines of 3.89MN and a central core of four RD-108 engines of 912kN. Stage 2 one RD-0110 engine of 294.2kN thrust

WING SPAN: Width 10.30m

LENGTH: 45.6m

SCALE: 1/144

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