Sputnik 1 (Satellite 1) was the world’s first artificial satellite, sent into orbit by a Russian R-7A launch vehicle on 4 October 1957. It signalled. Russia’s technical superiority in the early years of the Space Race.

The first proposal for a Russian satellite was written in 1954 but impetus for development came from a United States announcement that it would launch an artifical satellite during 1957.

Early plans for a large, heavy satellite fitted with many scientific experiments gave way to development of the simplest possible satellite equipped with radio transmitters which could be developed quickly to beat the Americans.

After launch the satellite broadcast on two frequencies for 22 days until its batteries ran out and it burned up on re-entry on 4 January 1958.

This model represents the R-7A launcher and Sputnik on 4 October 1957.

Aer Moldova 1/144 kit with New Ware decals completed by Leigh Edmonds in November 2007.


MODEL: R-7A Sputnik

ROLE: Satellite launcher


ENGINES: Engines Four strap on boosters each with four RD-107 engines of 3.89MN and a central core of four RD-108 engines of 912kN

WIDTH: 2.99m


GROSS WEIGHT: 267 tons

SCALE: 1/144

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