The Renault UE was a light tracked armoured carrier and prime mover produced in France between 1932 and 1940.

They served with infantry divisions through the 1930s and well into World War II, many in German service.

The Renault UE was designed in response to a French Armee requirement for a light armoured tractor to serve with its infantry divisions to carry ammunition and other supplies and tow small weapons or trailers.

A light trailer, the Renault UK, was designed to be towed by the UE.

The first prototypes were tested in 1930 and the first order for them was placed towards the end of 1931.

One thousand two hundred had been ordered by June 1936 and 700 had been delivered.

A slightly improved version, the UE2, was developed from 1935 and was manufactured by a number of companies.

They had little value as fighting vehicles but were invaluable in supporting fighting forces and over 5000 were eventually manufactured.

This model represents a Renault UE in 1940

Sparrow Castings 1/72 kit completed by Leigh Edmonds in September 2012.


MODEL: Renault UE

ROLE: Armoured tractor and carrier

TIME PERIOD: 1932-1950s

ENGINES: one Renault 85 engine of 26kW

WIDTH: 1.8m

LENGTH: 2.85m



RANGE: 100km

CREW: 1, plus an additional person on occasions

SCALE: 1/72


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