The Schneider CD was an artillery tractor designed and produced during World War I. Due to indecision in the French army only 110 had been produced by the end of the war. They remained in service until World War II.

While the Schneider company was planning its CA tank for the French army the army also needed a tractor capable of towing artillery across the battlefield.

Since Schneider had based it tank on a Baby Holt chassis it decided to use the same chassis for its artillery tractor.

This tractor, the Schneider CD, would be capable of towing heavy artillery pieces across rough ground and also supply them with ammunition.

The prototype was delivered in April 1917 and the first production vehicles were delivered in August.

Only 110 had been delivered by the end of the war, they remained in service with the French army until World War II and some were also used by the German army as late as 1944

This model represents a Schneider CD in the late 1930s.

Retrokit 1/72 kit. Completed in June 2012.


MODEL: Schneider CD

ROLE: Artillery tractor

TIME PERIOD: 1917-1944

ENGINES: one 4 cylinder Schneider petrol engine of 45kW

WIDTH: 2.3m

LENGTH: 6.32m

GROSS WEIGHT: 13.6 tonnes


RANGE: 80km

PAYLOAD: 3,000kg


SCALE: 1/72



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